Jan-Eje Ferling
is Swede by birth and graduated economist. He had his drama education at the Kulturama Theatre School, Stockholm.

Ferling has got his own film company and publishing house, Ferling Ord & Bild that started in 1995. The company has edited a number of books, produced short and documentary films and also created scripts for film/TV/stage productions.

Ferling is a member of the Swedish Writer’s Union (SFF), The Writers Centre, Stockholm, and the Independent Filmmakers Association (OFF). In 2007 and 2010 he was granted the Big Travel award by the SFF.

Since 2000 he is in volontary service for the Swedish Patient Board and for the Volontary Friend Service by supporting old, sick and handicapped people.

Awards in 2014
Jan-Eje was in March 2014 granted an Award from the Henning Mankell Donation and also a Stay Award at the Country House of Henning Mankell.
Awards om 2011 and 2012
Jan-Eje was in December 2011 and in May 2012 granted recidencies awards at the Baltic centre for Writers and Translators in Visby, Gotland.
Price Winner Cocktail 2011
Jan-Eje was invited by the new Manager of the Swedish Film Institute, Anna Serner, to the yearly Price Winner Cocktail Party 2011. It was the sixth time Jan-Eje was a special guest at this occasion.
19 International awards
Jan-Eje’s latest film JUST FOR TODAY / Just for today has been rewarded in countries as United States, Belgium, Ukraine, Uruguay, Holland and France.
Jan-Eje as the President of New York Short Film Festival 2011
Jan-Eje will as the President select the prize winners from the films nominated by the festival jury. He has himself been awarded at the same festival for his films Final Curtain Call and Bara för idag/Just for today. www.newyork.filmsfest.com
New books 2013:
(Tankar som befriar)

Cinematographer Erik Hassel in Just for today 2009

Biography novel (A5, 271 pages)
Edited 2005
ISBN 91-973999-0-6 (even as Talking book)

Edith is an exciting and dramatic love story. The book describes her life from a poor childhood in Dalsland, Sweden, to her fashionable and elegant life in Stockholm society, ending in her tragic death. The book is filled with intrigue, murder, persecution, passion, despair and retribution. The novel spans all social strata and features personalities and events in the Stockholm of the Thirties and Forties.

Dödligt högmod
Deadly Pride
deadly pride
Novel (A5, 166 pages)
Edited 2005
ISBN 91-973999-1-4

The story takes place at the Bååt Palace in Stockholm, a 17th century building, which today houses of the Swedish Masonic Order. A corpse is found in the palace. Murder is suspected. People within as well as outside the palace come forward and bear witness to the event, baring themselves and their lives.

Om än himlarna rämna
If the Skys should fall apart
A biography novel (A5, 230 pages)
Edited 2005
ISBN 91-973999-5-7

The book tells the story about the musician and composer, Eric Ferling (1733-1808). It is a dramatic and touching story of a fantastic career. Born on the countryside in Sweden, he was brought to the Royal Court in Stockholm. The story reflects the historic eventful and revolutionary occurrences of the time and their effect on the life of Eric Ferling. It is a rich and lively portrait of a great artist and a versatile personality and also describe the celebrities of the time.

Kvinnor och demoner
Women and Demons
Novel by Jan-Eje Ferling. 242 pages.
Edited 2005
ISBN 978-91-974714-8-0

Three elder women with different backgrounds and experiences meet when planning for an estate affair. Thier values and lives confront and they have to take decisions that are essential for thier further existences. The dramatic story is told with a good sense of humour, warmth and deep understanding of our human strength and weaknesses.

The Son
Biography novel (A5, 290 pages)
Edited 2005
ISBN: 91-973999-4-9

On an overseas trip, the author meets a stranger – Mirdza, a woman. She reveals her life story to him. Her colorful life was more dramatic and touching than could be imagined – from a complex childhood in Tallinn; through WW II and her fatal liaison with a German soldier; to her escape to Sweden and the unbelievable intrigues and daring adventures she encountered in Stockholm. The book follows the story closely in the guise of fiction.

Låt stenarna ropa
Let the Stones cry out
A documentary (A5, 157 pages)
Edited 2005
ISBN: 91-973999-3-0

We are led on a strange path through bizarre scenarios, fraught with strong but odd personalities in coping with Life, an inner rebirthing as well as a fresh start in life. The author generously draws from his own dramatic experiences and insights of the mystery and beauty of life. The book is packed with humor, heartrending moments, excitement and interesting events, all powerful elements in a book that is totally outspoken, honest and unique.

Mannen i huset
The Man in the House
Short stories by Jan-Eje Ferling A5, 225 pages
Edited 2007
ISBN: 978-91-974714-6-6

What secrets do Patrik, Siv and the man in house have? What are their motives? Do we need the inscrutable and the untold things as challenges and inspiration in life? The characters in the book try different ways of life that are not only bearable but also meaningful and even enjoyable. Some of the short stories have been filmed and awarded in USA, France, Belgium, England, Canada and Spain.

I Rikets tjänst
In the Service of the Empire
A Documentary (A5, 167 pages)
Edited 2005
ISBN: 91-974714-3-7

The author reports from his two months stay in Poland where he was acting in the part of the servant of the castle in the Swedish TV-producion of ”The Empire”.

Millas hemlighet
Milla´s Secret
omsl-millas hemlighet-2up.indd
A book for children.
Illustrated by Anders Palmgren A5, 106 pages (even as Talking book)
Edited 2006
ISBN: 91-973999-2-2

A book about Milla, a girl aged 8 years. We follow her through the fancy and fairytale world of her childhood into the reality of adulthood, where she meets love, warmth, and confronts maturing responsibilities, even grief. Milla, a lonely child, finds a way to reach out to other people and grows in her meeting with them. The book tells with tenderness her sense of humor and the excitement in her life in her growing years, as well as the people in her world. The storyteller’s style and tradition are reminiscent of Astrid Lindgren’s. The author melds Swedish traditions with social problems and illustrates their outcomes. The book is recommended for children of all ages.

Caj och Corinne
Caj and Corinne
A book for children. A5, 118 pages.
Edited 2008
ISBN: 978-91-974714-9-7

The 9 years old twins Caj och Corinne want to become songartists. We follow them through success and diffuculties on their way to fame. A funny and exciting book about a modern issue, childstars. For children from 5-12 years old.

85 pages.
Edited 2011
ISBN: 978-91-974376-0-8

What is spirituality? Has it to do with emotions and moods? Is spirituality an academic issue? Is it about supernatural phenomenon? Is spirituality just for religious people?
The book is not an article of faith nor a creek. It is completely free from religious, pshychic and philosophical context. It is built on experiences and encourage to search for the spirituality, the origin and objectives of everything.
The spiritual birth is just as painful as the physical, equally necessary and equally absolute. The only ticket to spirituality is despairation.

The Garden of Souls
88 pages.
Edited 2011
ISBN: 978-91-973999-6-8

The Garden of Souls is a vision for us, that unconditionally seek the spirituality and who wish to share our spiritual experiences with each other. We are each other’s messengers in our desire to get the answers of our deepest and most important issues. The book is neither an article of faith nor a creed and is not affiliated with any religion or psychic or traditional philosophical context. The book’s only purpose is to inspire people to seek the spirituality, as the most vital and most transforming force in our lives.

Tankar som befriar
Thoughts that set you free
A5, 146 pages.
Edited 2011
ISBN: 978-91-974376-7-7

Cecilia was a diplomat’s daughter and the girl from the fine family with links into the Swedish royal family having all the components to be a shining star in the high society. But her life-line made a turn to disaster. In her autobiography Thoughts that set you free Cecilia tells about her life and her addiction problems, which caused her loss of her family, her work and finally close to take her life. Her touching story is complemented by the equally compelling stories of her mother and her two grown-up daughters. They describe each one separately how their lives were affected by Cecilia´s humiliation and helplessness, but above all inspired by her turning point and her journey towards recovery and a good life.

Mödrarna och deras söner
The Mother and their Sons
A5, 420 pages.
Edited 2015
ISBN: 978-91-974714-1-1

An elderly woman is found dead by a river. It will be the prelude to a trip back in history to understand events and contexts. The author’s mother was a composite nature and in many ways a peculiar and dynamic person. The result of her decisions and actions affect others and is also described in the strong side stories. The book is based on authentic materials. The colorful gallery of characters and all the dramatic stories gives life to text, that has been partly romanticized and woven together into a pattern to get a bearing history.


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